Cisco in the datacenter

Interesting news today with Cisco buying job scheduling company Tidal Software. Wonder how that sits with BMC given the recent datacenter partnership and given that BMC have directly competitive offerings to Tidal products? I actually wonder whether this is a ploy by Cisco because the company that they are really shopping for may be BMC themselves…maybe they tried to buy BMC and couldn’t, so instead they try to scare them a little by building there own suite and force BMC back to the negotiating table. Anyhow, far be it from me to start a rumor and I can categorically state that I have absolutely zero information – just pure conjecture by me.

The451 Group are speculating that Cisco will buy more companies to build a suite of offerings and they mention Nimsoft as a potential target. Seems that lots of people are speculating about us these days….guess that’s what happens when you are as successful as we are.

After all, who else is there to buy in monitoring and service level management? Most everyone else is tiny and their products are very limited – Nimsoft scales up and down from mid-market to the largest enterprise and has such a healthy managed services and cloud business.

But, Nimsoft has a long and successful future ahead of it – I was on a call with some of our architects yesterday, we’re just about to kick-off a new engineering project internally that is really, really exciting. BSM gets launched any day now – is it next week?

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