Seriously – when are we going to learn? Are we really just lemmings

Blog post from Molly last night….

I simply do not understand anyone that hosts business critical applications in any cloud and does not invest the time and relatively small $$ to monitor the service that is being delivered.

Yeah I know we all read “The Big Switch” and we all have this vision that computing is as ubiquitous as electricity but guess what… is nowhere near as reliable.

This is not an Amazon problem; I would hazard a guess that they are probably one of the best run compute environments on the planet.  But, it’s a fundamental reality of IT that is not going away any time soon.

IT is advancing at a rapid pace and will continue to do. Therefore we should expect that in an environment of constant change and innovation, reliability will not be 100%.

Now, you could say that Amazon could and should have posted details of the outage a little sooner than 2 hours after it occurred (are you kidding me….2 hours is a lifetime for a business that depends on AWS), and could and should have resolved the problem much sooner (I’m sure they did their best) but, the reality of the situation is….

Why would you risk your business on the ability of someone else to deliver and not even monitor their performance?

EVERY company that has business critical applications in ANY cloud provider needs their own monitoring. Otherwise…well, caveat emptor.

Shameless plug…Boundary has a free offering that makes it really easy for most EC2 customers to monitor their applications for no cost. So, there is no excuse.

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