Two thirds of the world’s datacenters are going to Cloud

Two pieces of interesting news today.

First, Riverbed announced that they are acquiring OPNET for close to $1bn. We congratulate both companies on this move; it seemed as though OPNET’s business growth had slowed to about 6% license revenue growth in recent times (appears to be slower than the overall market?), but I’m sure Riverbed will be hoping to kick that up again as a result of bundling with their other products.

It’s a clear indication to everyone, that the sourcing and analyzing of the “flow” data is of strategic importance for many different use cases.

What was also interesting was the following article¬† – headlined as “two thirds of the world’s datacenters are going to Cloud : Cisco” – and at the same time global datacenter traffic will grow fourfold over the next four years.

All of this appears to be good news for Boundary’s strategy.

We believe that we are the only company that is able to collect and analyze the flow data from hybrid IT environments (cloud) as though they were a single homogenous environment; we think that the dataset that Boundary is collecting and exposing is the greatest machine generated dataset that has yet to be fully explored and eventually will surpass all other datasets for determining application performance and security.

Riverbed shows us a billion reasons why they believe that data is important and Cisco is telling us that by 2014 the majority of the workloads will be in the cloud.

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