Where have all the Managed Service Providers gone for the Cloud or hybrid IT?

Sort of thinking about the whole theme of Cloud based IT services and in fact more than that hybrid application infrastructures. It’s not just about the Cloud, it’s about all the other many pieces that come together to make up today’s applications.

Are any MSPs offering monitoring services that can deal with this? Something that can give you early warnings of EC2 problems and the affect they have on your app, understanding when 3rd party APIs are running slow, combining that with the on-premise part of the application and rolling it all together to understand end user experience. And of course, being able to swiftly and painlessly migrate/move part of your infrastructure when problems do occur?

Is anyone doing this or is everyone too busy offering remote monitoring for MS Exchange etc? Love to hear from you….email me

Joe P(@mspmentor)….Charles and Celia W(@mspalliance)…..know of anyone pushing into modern application infrastructures?

If not, then let’s start one!

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