Interesting times

Had a long day today (well yesterday actually). Started early, did 3 customer visits (2 prospective and 1 existing), did various conference calls and then went to dinner to interview a potential employee. When I’m on the road, it’s incredible how long hours I keep – working a double shift effectively because there is nothing else going on in the evening, not sure how healthy it is though. (But, right now it’s 5.55am in the UK and I’m about to head to the gym!)

I am looking forward to getting back to California, spending the weekend with the family and then I’m heading off again on Tuesday, but this time for some relaxation hopefully.

It seems at the moment that something new is happening every day in this space and something interesting is coming to Nimsoft very regularly. We’re working on a lot of partnerships right now, some that are small but will help our customers get more value and some that are larger and will impact the broader industry.

BSM is coming…I’m finished with the teasing – I believe we are announcing next week. We’re already signing customers and we are really happy with the feedback so far.

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