The Next Generation of Business Service Management has arrived

Tomorrow, we’ll be announcing a game changer in BSM. No longer does it takes months to implement, no longer does it take hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy and even more for services, no longer will BSM projects fail to offer value.

BSM Express is in General Availability and is announced publicly tomorrow.

A quick taster of one of the “out of the box” BSM dashboards….

<%image(20090421-BSM Express1.jpg|663|465|BSM Dashboard for Email performance)%>

So, how did we get here…what have we done?

Well, first of all, the Indicative acquisition that we made in April of last year was absolutely key. As we told our customers at the time, we purchased Indicative to gain access to the BSM modelling technology that has made it the preferred solution of multiple large environments around the world such as BUPA, NTT, Easynet and The US Department of State.

But, we’ve spent the last 9 months making an industry leading solution, even better. We’ve added tight, database level integration with Nimsoft’s Monitoring Solution. We’ve added attractive and highly functional new dashboards that integrate directly with the monitoring dashboards of Nimsoft, we’ve added multiple “out of the box” business models for common applications – and we’ll be adding many more. And, best of all, we’re offering all this for a price that is simple unbelievable.

How much? Well…it starts at $10,000 and can go up to $20,000. No…before I get lots of comments, I didn’t forget 2 zeros or even 1 zero. Truly, I said Ten Thousand Dollars up to Twenty Thousand Dollars.

How can we do it?

Just like with the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution, we believe that BSM should be available to many customers, not just the largest ones, and just in the same way that we’ve built over 800 customers using the monitoring solution, we intend to build a large customer base for BSM Express as well.

Our engineers are already hard at work on the second version of BSM Express, we’ve been code complete on this version for some time and we’re already installed in about a dozen or so customers. We expect that number to expand pretty quickly now that we’re announced.

This is truly very exciting for us and for the market. One more screenshot to look at….if you want more details, register on our web site or you can always send me an email at – we’ll be happy to send you the download link.

<%image(20090421-BSM Express2.jpg|680|448|A more complete view of an online order entry application)%>

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