Lots going on – big new customer win yesterday

Last few weeks have been super busy (seems as though I am always saying that).

We closed out our November, scrambled to get ready for Board meeting and I had to do a quick 4 day trip to Orlando with my daughter for her national cheer championships (they came third – beyond their wildest dreams).

At Boundary, we’ve welcomed a VP Engineering and a VP Products to our team in this time as well. We’ve now got a great CTO, VP Sales, VP Eng, VP Product. We’re missing the VP Marketing for now, but, not actively looking for this position instead we’re looking for a senior individual focused on demand generation.

Our November results were very positive with a good amount of ARR added and 12 new logos coming on board. I’m pretty sure this was a record month for new logos; we’re just getting permission to use the names.

Half way through December and the holidays are fast approaching. Fortunately we’ve already welcome a number of new customers already this month and yesterday we had a big new customer win. It is true that not everyone understands our solution yet, but the customers that do understand it, think that it is nothing short of amazing. A CTO told us this week that “we think you have the next big thing in software”.

What am I doing? In the middle of building our FY13 plan; hope to have a draft to show to our investors this coming week. Dealing with a lot of “partner” discussions (we seem to have caught the attention of the big boys), helping the sales team, contributing to marketing, collaborating with product and engineering leadership to define/prioritize product plan and all the while focusing on excellence in customer service.

Oh, and we moved into our new SF office this week….finally we’re out of that rat-infested, broken toilet, no working phones prior space. Yes it was cool but it was not a great place for a growing company; new space is night and day.

Dinner party tonight for my fiancee’s birthday (got to get her present today), going to a friends tomorrow for the 49ers vs Patriots game (not too confident), Nutcracker with my daughter on Tuesday.

Work wise we’ve got a lot going on this week; interviewing, customer calls, investor meetings, 4 different partner discussions, product discussions….and that FY13 plan of course.

Yesterday’s news from CT was sickening. Not going to say any more about it, just sick.

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