A letter to Mr Dan Dupuis; lifelong Patriots fan who will be seen around New England in a 9ers jersey

Dear Dan
I knew it was a crazy wager. Who would have thought that the 49ers could go to Gillette Stadium, on a Sunday night, in December and achieve the impossible.

Yes, they were playing against the #1 ranked offense in the county. Yes, the Patriots had not lost at home in December forever. Yes, the Patriots were coming off of a 42-14 beat down of the #1 seeded Texans. Yes, the 9ers had a virtual rookie quarterback starting his 5th NFL game ever. Yes the 9ers had lost to the mediocre Rams just 2 weeks earlier. Yes, the 9ers had to travel from one side of the US to the other. Yes, everyone favored the Patriots, Vegas made them 7.5 point favorites and you couldn’t find a pundit anywhere to give the W to SF and yes, the Patriots had the league leading turnover differential going into the game.

And yet, I took the wager anyhow. I did so because I have faith in the 49ers defense against anyone. Even against Saint Tommy of San Mateo.

But, did my faith wobble? Yes it did. Honestly, going in to the game I did not think that Kaepernick could pull it off in a shoot-out. I was at the Dolphins game last weekend and it was not impressive. I thought that either the 9ers D would need to hold the Pats to less than 20 or so points, get lots of turnovers or we may lose.

But, the outcome was the outcome. The team fought, survived Tommy’s little pretend attempt at a come-back and still won. I know that you were at the game and I applaud you for staying to the end but, as Dixie would say, it only “kicked the can down the road”. Your tears were still to be shed, just an hour later than it originally looked like.

So now….to the winner the spoils and the loser the penance. A 49ers player jersey of my choice to be purchased by you, worn for an entire weekend by you and lots of photos taken and published. Then…mail the jersey to me for my collection.

The only thing left to decide now is which of the warrior 49ers jerseys I should ask you to wear. I will take advice on this one but my top choices for now are:

LaMichael James – for the kick-return that must have put fear into your heart
Michael Crabtree – for the TD that made that fear become your nightmare
David Akers – the somewhat wobbly (this season) 49ers kicker that put the game beyond reach
Aldon Smith – for the interception and getting Brady looking like a frightened rabbit all through the first half
Dashon Goldson – for that hit on Aaron Hernandez that was still in his head and therefore allowed Aldon’s interception
Ted Ginn – for not touching that punt
Randy Moss – for that opening touchdown and oh….the irony of coming back to the Pats and scoring
Carlos Rogers – for an amazing performance and yes….the interception that only Brady stopped him running back for a TD
Alex Smith – because that jersey will be out of date as soon as the season is over but also because he’s a consummate professional

or, my personal favorite for now would be

Colin Kaepernick – for (a) me doubting him (b) fumbling the ball 4 times and still winning (c) coming into Brady’s house and beating him

I will take advice today….either through comments on the blog or talking to people. I realize your pain is already high, but the worst is yet to come my friend.

Have a great day and I hope to see you in New Orleans on February 3rd (in fact, maybe that would be a good day to wear your shiny new 9ers jersey)

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