Customer support examples

All received in the last 10 days….there was a fourth example but I’m not allowed to publish it as it is a government customer…

Others may talk the talk – Nimsoft walks the walk.

Example #1

Mr. Gary Read,

Your Director of Customer Support, XXXXXX, just took my tech support call at 10pm London time, and spent an hour from 10pm-11pm on a Friday night outside of London on the phone with me troubleshooting a problem…..

Please thank XXXXX for me. He is truly a dedicated Nimsoft employee, and he is a great example of a hard-worker who puts the customer first.

Warm regards,

Example #2

Hey mate,

XXX has been a star!!… he has spent about 4 hours working on this and although we are only speculating what the problem was caused by he has made some good suggestions on how the tunnels and some other things should be structured for an MSP.

The end result is that I have started to restructure… … and they have stayed connected and are working fine.

Once again he had been excellent and should be kept in good supply of beer for the next could of weeks he is here!
Thanks for your help today too with getting him in touch.

Example #3


Once again, your contribution is of amazing service. Thank you so much
for your help. My new module is working perfectly after your
assistance….. In any event, our project is back on
track… once again thanks to you. I really appreciate your help in our

XXX – Thanks for keeping track of this. This matter is closed from our

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