The generation gap…

Someone complained at me the other day for not updating this blog and it’s true, I’ve been remiss.

But, a conversation with my father this morning made me laugh and hopefully I will get back in to the regular swing of things.

My dad today told me that they’d just got an “answer machine” (this is voice mail for those of us on this side of the pond). They had steadfastly refused to get one for many years because they felt that “why should we make people pay for a phone call just to leave us a message”. Instead they had a caller-id box and used to look who had called them and return their call (except it didn’t work too well when I called because I just showed up as International).

Anyhow, the caller id box broke, they called BT to replace it and BT of course stopped making these boxes years ago and after missing some important calls, they finally decided to get an answer machine.

As I told my dad, my kids don’t even set up their voicemail on their cell phones. “Voicemail is so ancient dad, nobody uses voicemail anymore, we just txt”.

Funny how my parents have managed to get voicemail at exactly the same time that my kids don’t even bother to set up their voicemail on their phones.

And of course I’m somewhere in the middle. I have voicemail but my voicemail says “send me a txt”.

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