Great month for @boundary and we’re still hiring

Just finished a highly successful May for Boundary.

Plenty of new logo customers and we continue to increase the revenue, customer count, data ingress, av sales price and just about every other metric that we can.

We also released just a ton of new product capabilities – Early Warnings, new dashboards, Events API, Consolidated Event mgmt and more.

Of course we also increased the team size, particularly in engineering. Pleased to welcome multiple new developers across both our Bay Area and our newer Austin location (should be moving into our new offices soon) for UI, Back-end, Product, UX and SaaS operations. We also welcomed our new VP WW Sales, our first internal recruiter and sales operations.

But, we’re still hiring (and now we need sales and marketing to keep up with engineering). What are we looking for…..

Sales positions (Bay Area based)
Online Marketing (Bay Area)
VP Marketing (Bay Area)
Product Management/Marketing (Bay Area or Austin)
QA Director (Bay Area or Austin)
Meter (agent) engineer (Bay Area or Austin)
Product engineers (Bay Area or Austin)

Did I mention that one lovely journalist referred to me as a Daniel Craig impersonator – she is forever in my good books :)

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