The next stage

Four years ago Nimsoft (under the name of Converse Software) commenced business in the US. We started with an office that was no more than 150 square feet and we had initially two people (Paul Rowe and myself) and then added one more (Dan Birck) in this space. Needless to say, we got to know each other very well!

Since then we have moved office twice and today we are proudly in our new 8,000 sq ft home in Redwood Shores. If we walk out of our front door, we pretty much walk into the lobby of Electronic Arts – the largest video game software company in the world. If we look out of the window, we see the headquarters of Oracle. Motivation indeed for us to continue on our growth path.

We have so many good things going on at Nimsoft. Our recent Nfluence User Conferences were extremely well attended and we saw amazing presentations from 5 separate Nimsoft customers. The new product release is going well and we will be announcing some pretty significant corporate updates in the next few weeks.

I’m off the the UK tomorrow to meet more customers, so I’ll be able to enjoy our new offices for all of about 10 hours.

And finally, what are my kids getting for Christmas? Remember they already have the iPods…..

Nintendo DS, one black and one white – “I need the one with the double screen dad”.

Joy of joys.

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