Nimsoft makes another move – acquiring source code assets of Cittio

The news is out, Nimsoft has made another asset purchase that will further extend our product’s capabilities and allow customers to continue to reduce the number of tools that they use.

At Nimsoft, we believe in building a solid product and a solid business over many years which is what we’ve done. We believe in actually generating revenue, building our customer base, supporting our customers in an exemplary fashion. And we believe in extending our product continually because, even though we already have by far the best product in this space, we always want to keep making it better.

This purchase was completely opportunistic for us. We had an engineering project internally to build Layer2/Layer3 discovery but the opportunity came along to acquire some technology that was already built and working in customers.

We will not be using any of the OpenNMS components of the Cittio products, we will only be using the discovery, topology and RCA – and we will be taking their code and working it in to the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution. This purchase is all about us being able to provide this capability more rapidly to our customers.

So, what next? Well now that I’ve done the easy part (acquired the source code), it’s time for the guys with the big brains to do the engineering and development work involved in lifting this code and dropping it into the Nimsoft product. For our customers, we are expecting to be able to release this in Q4 this year….although we can’t be definitive about that until we get a little more in to it.

More later….

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