Small world

Had a wonderful dinner at Hakkasan in London on Friday night and the flight home yesterday was uneventful.

Would you believe that, while in the bar at Hakkasan we spotted and chatted to some people that we know from where we live in Los Gatos….amazing, thousands of miles away, and they happen to be in the same bar, in the same city at exactly the same time as us.

Earlier in the week, walking through the streets of London, I bumped in to an ex-colleague of mine that I haven’t seen for probably 12 years. He’s the country manager for CA in the UK – hmm, I’ll say no more.

Tons of emails to catch up on, but pretty much done most of them – the beauty of long, boring flights. It’s nice to be back in California weather, although I need to go for long runs this week to lose those extra pounds that I put on in England.

Very, very successful trip. We’ve had a number of changes recently with the UK sales team, but I’m confident that we’ve got a great team in place now. Some new blood coming in plus, our existing top performers are still performing incredibly, and one rep that left us over a year ago coming back to re-join the company. I’m very proud that we’ve never lost one of our premier sales performers.

Got a day trip to SoCal planned this week, but also got a few personal things to catch up on. Looking forward to Memorial Day weekend – hoping that the weather holds out.

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