Kindred spirits

Made a quick trip to SoCal today to visit customers and partners. I find that so few people truly understand the Managed Service Provider space, it’s a joy when we meet with individuals that really get it!

Stopped off to watch Man Utd get mauled by Barcelona in the Champions League….amazing how a team so good can perform so badly.

Our new Biz Dev leader joined yesterday…this is huge for us as we’ve got so many things that we’re trying to do that we need someone to help juggle some of the balls for us.

Interviewing for additional sales leadership in both Europe and the US. Got some amazingly talented individuals that we’re talking to – the team just keeps getting stronger.

Congratulations to EMC and Configuresoft for that acquisition announcement today – looks like everyone is happy with that one. I’m assuming that EMC are becoming more and more competitive with BMC, HP, IBM in the world of the big-boys as they are rounding out their portfolio.

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