I will never stay at the Westin Jersey City again….

Unbelievable. Straight off the red-eye, I need to get some sleep and a shower before a HUGE meeting. Go to check in at the Westin New Jersey and they have sold my room.

Despite it being confirmed, reserved, paid for, and they were told I would not arrive until the morning.

But…to rub salt in the wound, the manager spends 10 minutes BSing me that “they didn’t know I was going to come in in the morning” – only when I asked them to show me the reservation on their system (because this was confirmed) did they finally admit that they had “extenuating circumstances” the night before and in fact I was clearly bumped because they thought they could make some extra money.

Result = no sleep before one of the biggest meetings in the history of Nimsoft.

Result = they finally comp’d a Parlor room for me (smoking yuk!) – still no sleep

Result = I, and Nimsoft will never stay there again

Unbelievable….I bought and paid for something – what gives them the right to not provide it to me?

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