Acquisitions in IT Operations Management

Came across this list of acquisitions in our space recently that might be of interest:

BMC Software
BGS, Boole and Babbage, Calendra, CoroSoft, DataTools, DGI, Evity, HawkNet, Identify Software, IT Masters, KMXperts, Magic Solutions, Marimba, New Dimension, Open Network, OptiSystems, OTL Software, PATROL, Perform S.A., Remedy, Silvain Faust, Simulus Limited, Viadyne

Adjoin, AI Ware, Apriori, Argis, Cheyene Software, Concord Communications, Control-F1, Cybermation, eSecurity Online, iLumin, InfoSec, Legent, MDY Group, Miramar, Netegrity, Netreon, Niku, Pest Patrol, PHD, Platinum Technology, Qurb, QXCOM,Silent Runner, Sterling Software, Tiny Software, XOsoft, Wily Technology

AppIQ, CodeArts, Consera, ManageX, Novadigm, OuterBay, Peregrine, RLX, SelectAccess, StoraqeApps, Talking Blocks, Trinagy, TruLogica, Trustgenix

Access/360, Candle, Collation, CIMS Lab, Cyanea, Dascom, DataPower, DBMX, Isogon, Meiosys, Micromuse, ThinkDynamics, Tivoli, TrelliSoft, Unison

Allerez, Appilog, BeatBox, Freshwater Software, Kintana, m-Test, Performant, Systinet, Tefensoft

AfterMail, Aelita, BB4 Technologies, FastLane, Foglight, Imceda, MBR Technologies, MessageWise,
OnWire Technologies, Qmaster, RevealNet, Sitraka, SQL Navigator, TOAD, Vintela, Wingra, Xaffire

@stake, 20/20 Software, Axent, Binary Research, BindView, Brightmail, Central Point Software, IMLogic, L-3 Network Security, LIRIC Associates, Mountain Wave, Nexlan, ON Technology, Platform Logic, PowerQuest, QuarterDeck, Recourse Technologies, Relicore, Riptech, SafeWeb, SecurityFocus, Sygate Technologies, TurnTide, URlabs, Veritas, WholeSecurity, XtreamLok

Note: HP’s list of acquired companies does not include the announced Mercury acquisition.

And a summary from a well known analyst firm on acquisitions….

Final Thoughts
…quantitatively demonstrate that there is a greater likelihood of failure than success (especially in the early stages of the acquisition) with acquisitions in the IT operations market. Failure in this context means that the expected benefits are not realized by the acquiring firm and that the customers of the acquired technology experience some form of dissatisfaction with support, continued innovation or other areas. We recommend clients examine the track records of past corporate acquisitions to determine whether or not the odds for success will be in their favor….

Interesting quote today in VARBusiness…

“We see acquisitions as a way to bring a quicker pace of innovation to our customers,” Al Zollar, general manager of IBM Tivoli Software says.

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