2 more days then off to LALA- then back into recruiting mode

Last couple of days of the quarter next week. We’ve still got a lot of business to get….some of which we will get, some we will not. Business across so many different verticals….retail, gaming, MSP, Network providers, financial services, energy, healthcare….

Moving in to Q3, we’re going to be recruiting for quite a few key positions. UK/Nordic Sales Director (UK), Director of Operations (US), Marketing list/database management in both the UK and the US (probably contract positions), Sales executives (US), Snr Accountant (US), Contract Bookings specialist (US) and possibly a number of others as well…resumes@nimsoft.com if you know anyone.

Also got some really interesting partnerships developing that could add significant value to our customers. I’d expect probably one of these to be finalized and announced in Q3.

And finally, our entire engineering and product mgmt team is working really, really hard right now. There is an incentive in place for the entire team if they meet 100% of their 37 deliverables this quarter. I know that they are really close and suspect that many of them are putting in the hours this weekend to get things finished up….talk about peer pressure….it’s an all or nothing incentive across 3 engineering labs.

Talking of which, of those 37 deliverables, 21 of them are product deliverables for products to go in to GA state. It’s absolutely amazing what this team are delivering – I don’t believe that there is another company in this space that can come close to the talent and deliverables that our engineering team has.

I am hoping to authorize their incentive….keep it up guys….our customers really, really appreciate this.

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