Records, records, records


We have just had a record day in Nimsoft’s history, with more new business closing today than any other day. The record day is part of a record month which in turn is part of a record quarter.

Our European operations have been doing fabulously and the US is not far behind. From what I can remember, we have now completed 55 separate transactions in December alone and there is plenty of time left for more.

I would like to congratulate so many new customers of ours who have realized that the traditional large players in this space are rapidly becoming dinosaurs, having to eat others to survive and eventually facing extinction.

One Managed Service Provider in particular, who have a long standing and very positive relationship with IBM, realized that NimBUS was the correct solution for them, despite IBM doing everything they could to win the business.

Tomorrow is the final day before the Christmas holiday. Hopefully we will have most of our business complete so that we can spend next week relaxing somewhat with our families (although I think our CFO wants to finalize the 2007 budgets with me).

Merry Christmas

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