Can I get home tonight?

What a great but long week. Been in the UK again….

Interviewing for Sales Director – met many quality individuals….we’ve got 2 short-listed – references next. Always interesting to meet new people.

Great meeting with CEO and NOC Manager of a great prospect of ours in the UK. Lots of opportunities with them.

We’re about to make some internal promotions and we’ve got multiple vacancies across the company right now. If you are high quality and a winner….send us your resume.

Finally, sitting in Heathrow on my way to Germany….this afternoon, I have to get a car straight from the customer location, to drive about 140km through Friday afternoon traffic to try try try to make a flight back to SFO. It’s the last flight out tonight….if I miss it then I’m overnighting in either Germany or London (we’ll figure that one out later) but I’d really like to get home. Got dinner booked with my gorgeous girlfriend in San Francisco tonight – sounds more appetizing than room service in a Heathrow airport hotel on my own :(

Also, had board meeting this week. Board very happy with performance (who couldn’t be). Profitable, cash flow positive, growing, breaking records, incredible customer satisfaction, wonderful new products….all because of our people, they are the best.

Results release for Q2 will get issued on Monday – I’m sure if I get a chance I’ll pre-release it on the blog anyhow (it’s worth it just to see the faces of the marketing team…..only kidding!)

Talking of marketing – they are taking the lead right now on some massive launches that we’ve got coming up in October. Now…even I’m not going to pre-release this one…..well, maybe just a bit….closer to the time.

Onwards and upwards – I love this company, we’re rocking and rolling. But please….can someone buy me a corporate jet and lots of free fuel – I promise I’ll take good care of it.

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