The New Year has begun

Well, even though I’m not back at work this week (the joy of private schools that insist on scheduling the children’s holiday different from the public schools), it seems as though 2007 has started in the same manner that 2006 ended.

From a business perspective, things could not have been better in Q4. We had a record quarter by a very large amount, had many new customers come on board, and had two very significant new customer orders that are among the largest in our history and completed a strategic business relationship that I am not allowed to talk about until next week.

Our top few sales reps and technical guys get to go to Cancun at the end of January on the Nimsoft President’s Club (the benefit of being a vendor) but the other side of that coin is that we had a few non-performers leave the company at the end of the quarter as well. That’s always a tough one, but it comes down to the fact that far too many customers and other employees are dependant on the ongoing success of Nimsoft that we have to make the tough decisions. I always strive for maximum quality and performance in everything that we do, and that means that Nimsoft is not the right place for everyone to work, but sure is great if you are an achiever.

Anyway, as we start 2007 (we have already 6 deals on the board in January), we are looking for new talent across the board. Sales, SEs, marketing, operations and of course developers in Oslo. Recruiting is a major undertaking when you are such a fast growing company and is made much harder by the insistence on keeping the quality high. I’m off to the UK again for next week for sales/se training.

Happy New Year everyone.

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