Global Medical Device Company Selects Nimsoft Monitoring Solution Over Microsoft SCOM

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.– August 10, 2009—Nimsoft, Inc., the “Big 4” alternative for IT performance and availability monitoring solutions, today announced that a global medical device company has deployed the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS) for real-time, end-to-end service monitoring of its mission critical applications and underlying IT infrastructure. NMS helps maintain 24 x 7 uptime of customer-facing Internet portals and back-end systems, which are responsible for executing the manufacturing process of its premiere product line.

By deploying NMS to monitor its IT infrastructure, the company is able to reduce downtime and operational expenses, while improving customer satisfaction and maximizing revenue opportunities. With Nimsoft, the company has greater visibility into trouble areas, and can be proactive in addressing issues before they affect business operations.

Until recently, the IT department was using a variety of open source and off-the-shelf point tools to monitor different parts of its infrastructure. However, these solutions did not provide a holistic picture of the infrastructure and they required skilled personnel to manage them. The lack of integration between tools put the team in a very reactive—not proactive—mode.

The IT team did a head-to-head comparison of features and functionality between multiple vendor tools, including Microsoft SCOM monitoring tools. The Proof of Concept, conducted at the company’s location in California, convinced the IT team to choose Nimsoft.

One big advantage of the Nimsoft solution is how easily it monitored and integrated with the company’s heterogeneous environment, consisting of multiple server platform operating systems, as well as different database platforms and applications. According to the company’s senior director for Global IT Operations, “Microsoft’s monitoring product was very Microsoft-centric. If you wanted to monitor non-Microsoft components, you had to buy and add in third-party plug-ins. With Nimsoft, you only need one product.”

Complete solution with customizable dashboards enhances visibility
Nimsoft delivers complete monitoring capabilities for the entire IT infrastructure, both physical and virtualized. Since implementing NMS, the company has streamlined its monitoring significantly while gaining greater visibility into real time and historical issues. This visibility enables the IT team to save money and resources by taking a more proactive approach to addressing network issues, before they wreak havoc on the network.

End User Response Time monitoring helps the IT team deliver superior customer service by addressing user issues with customer-facing applications in real time. With less downtime and less time spent investigating issues, the IT staff can re-focus their efforts on revenue-generating activities. Additionally, the company has minimized the complexity of its monitoring approach by replacing multiple open-source and off-the-shelf point products with a single, integrated platform for end-to-end IT infrastructure monitoring.

“Our customers are interested in minimizing costs without sacrificing availability and performance of their networks,” said Gary Read, Nimsoft President and CEO. “They want a single product to cover their entire environment, one that’s easy to use and consistent. Nimsoft provides a clean, integrated, full-function solution and optimal user experience, so that IT departments can focus on core competencies and not worry about managing complex monitoring tools.”

The solution has been so successful in improving network reliability and increasing customer satisfaction, the company is now incorporating it into its QA and engineering divisions, and will soon be rolling out the solution into its major international offices.

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