Busy few weeks

I’ve been so busy these last few weeks. We started the year with our European Sales Training week (we invest in training our reps and our tech team every quarter), then the following week was back to California for US Sales Training, together with the Product Council meeting, the management team meeting, our board meeting (the first one with our new board members) and last but certainly not least, a strategy meeting with one of our largest customers worldwide.

Next week, our top sales and tech folks are off to Cancun for the President’s Club trip and then following that I am on a press and analyst tour of the East Coast to launch our exciting new products.

Business continues to be excellent and I am more and more convinced that what we are witnessing (and Nimsoft is leading), is a whole new generation of Enterprise Management solutions which is rendering the traditional products as legacy. I am starting to use the term “Enterprise Management 2.0″ internally, because I believe that over the next few years, we will start to see widespread adoption of these types of products that will make the last 15 years seem like a rehearsal.

It’s interesting to see an article on BMC Software in Investors Business Daily this week where they state that their distributed systems management revenue has declined from 45% of their business in 2003 to just 30% today. Over the same period their mainframe revenue has gone from 45% to 34%. Amazing! Patrol customers are deserting BMC faster than the mainframe customers – even though spending on distributed systems in the same time frame has exploded and mainframe spending is stagnant. Would you buy Patrol with those numbers?

Oh well…it’s not for us to worry about our competitors but instead for us to continue to do what we do and do it better than anyone else. Talking of which, final comment for today…..

A customer called me on Friday and complained about a problem with our support. I thought I’d mention this to show that we’re not perfect even though I cannot remember the last time that I got a direct complaint. It turns out that in reality it was a communication issue – the support team had written something into the case that was interpreted differently by the customer than the team had meant. By Friday night our European technical manager had spoken directly to the customer and I received an email back from them saying that all was OK. Just goes to show – no matter how hard you try it’s difficult to be perfect. But, when problems creep in, it’s how you deal with them that counts.

That’s it for now – next blog from either Mexico in 82 degree weather (feels like 88) or Boston in 21 degrees (feels like 12).

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