Google Apps

Figured that everyone else was talking about them, so why not me?

Thinking about whether this impacts our business….for us this is not about Google Apps versus Office – I’m not sure that I know of too many people that are willing to go to a 100% offline model for Word Processing etc. Even the flag bearer of SaaS, has an “offline edition” so that users can access the critical parts of the application when the network is not available – basically anyone that has to travel.

But…what about Exchange? Why would users still need to buy a hosted exchange service when they could use Gmail with their own mail domain? Outlook works perfectly well against Gmail, so, apart from calendar sharing (of which we use anyhow) why do I need Exchange?

At this point, Nimsoft is just about to sign a contract for a service provider to host our Exchange solution – the 3 year cost will be about $250,000 compared to Gmail for 3 years which would be about $20,000.

So, I’m going to ask our IT manager to tell me where the extra $230,000 of value is in Exchange compared to premier Gmail? Maybe it is there but I need someone to educate me.

Can someone help?

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