Major partnership to be announced

We are now once again into the last month of the quarter. For anyone that doesn’t work at a software company, you should know that we pretty much do not allow any vacation/holiday in the last month of any quarter as it gets extremely busy. Our revenue numbers so far in Q1 are looking great and we’ve had many new customer wins yet again.

Next week we are announcing a partnership with one of the leading software companies in the world. They have selected Nimsoft to deliver the management/monitoring of SAP R/3. It’s a very exciting time for us – being recognized as a technology leader by one of the largest software companies in the world.

On a different note, I talked to one of our customers this week who had, about a year ago, selected NimBUS instead of HP Openview which was his company’s previous standard. I asked him “What was the hardest part of the decision making process?”

His response…

“The technical decision was easy, your product is not even comparable to OpenView – we pretty much knew we wanted NimBUS right away. The economic decision was also easy – your total project price was less than the consultancy price we were offered from HP. The support that you showed was also superior. But…the hard part was convincing my peers and managers that we should purchase from a smaller company as opposed to a very large organization like HP.”

I asked him “1 year on” what the feeling was and he told me that he had been promoted partially as a result of his “bold” decision and the success of the project.

I will add to this thought process soon because it truly amazes me how many companies are willing to allow their business to suffer because of their vendors. Tail wagging the dog.

But, right now it is Saturday afternoon and I have to get my son’s hair cut, buy a present for my daughter to take to a birthday party this evening and I also promised some Pokemon cards to my little angels.

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