Dell Silverback customers….are they ending support for your appliance??

We’ve already had multiple Dell Silverback customers move to Nimsoft. It seems as though Dell has announced that they are dropping support for the Silverback appliance to be deployed at the Managed Service Provider location and now, the only way to offer managed services is direct from Dell’s own data centers.

Does anyone remember when Dell acquired Silverback? All the comments from Dell about how they were going to be channel friendly, they really wanted the MSPs, they were doing away with their “direct only” approach of the past.

Yeah right….

Anyhow, Nimsoft is offering special terms for Silverback customers to try to ease the pain that is being inflicted upon you. We already have multiple MSPs that have made the move and are happy to be reference accounts for you.

Call us! or email me directly at – you will LOVE what we have

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