Customer saves $1.6m with Nimsoft versus Net-eye-who

A large outsourcing customer of ours just published an internal newsletter showing how they are saving over $1.6m annually by replacing a competitor with Nimsoft. Wanna find out how much we can save for your company?

And of course, Nimsoft is offering absolute top quality support and product for this company as well….unlike others.

Also, congratulations to the New England based provider of Managed Services that became our newest customer yesterday – we are really looking forward to the value we can help drive in to your business.

And finally for today, we’re about to sign a very large, industry changing relationship today…we’ll announce it within a couple of weeks….promise!

Anyone else feel the momentum?

Gartner Magic Quadrant, new customers signing all the time, strategic partnerships, incredible customer satisfaction and a product that is clearly the PREMIUM product but at a TCO that is saving customers millions. All delivered by a company that is profitable and growing.

This is an incredible time to be part of the Nimsoft story….it will only get better.

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