Amazing Managed Service Provider videos

This may be a shameless plug, but we are in the middle of our “Best Practices in Managed Services” seminar series and so far it’s going incredibly well with feedback being that this is a wonderful educational exercise for up and coming MSPs.

Our customers are so passionate about what we are doing for and with them that several of them are now starring in their very own videos.

Berbee (part of CDW) are one of the leading MSPs in the Mid-west if not the country – you can see what they have to say here.

Alvaka Networks are based in Southern California and have a tremendous reputation with their customers. You can see what their CEO has to say here.

And finally, Charles Weaver, President of the independent industry association the “MSPAlliance”, talks about Managed Services here.

Thanks to each of these individuals for taking the time to do this. For all of our other customers that have requested to do the same….watch this space….our video crew will be out with you soon.

Great mention by Mike Vizard in Channel Insider this week as well.

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