Huge hosting provider selects Nimsoft

Anyone remember the TV program, That Was The Week That Was….or TW3 for short? Neither do I (too young) but it’s a cool name.

Nimsoft has had a huge week. We were just awarded the contract at a huge hosting provider to be the monitoring platform of choice for their entire server estate – replacing an in house solution developed on top of Nagios

We’ll be able to reveal the name in about 4-6 weeks after we work to get PR approval from the customer.

We announce this coming Monday a major new partnership that’s a game changer in the Managed Service Provider space – seriously excited about that one.

And, we are expecting a number more prestigous new customers next week.

When Gartner said we’d “separated ourselves from the pack” they got it spot on. It’s a little humbling with Nimsoft having so much success while the economy, and with it so many software companies, are struggling.

But, it is also reward. Reward for always putting the customer first, for years and years of hard work and dedication by the team and for simply delivering such a high level of customer satisfaction.

Gotta go – plane taking off…..

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