Nimsoft customer in the news

I saw one of our customers had commented on the article that Mike Vizard at eWeek had published as follows….

“I liked Nimbus so much I bought the software…” 5/2/2007 9:57:35 PM

Good column Michael. As you know Alvaka has used more management tools commercially than most people can name. Nimsoft is the winner for us hands down.

I agree that “only providing rudimentary remote monitoring services as the core element” managed service is very limiting and often of little value to clients. That is why we like Nimsoft so much. It provides us an opportunity to provide so much more value to our clients. The Nimbus software affords us to manage the complete user experience and not just monitor a few meaningless server performance statistics.

Oli Thordarson
Alvaka Networks

The full article can be seen here

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