A big Thank You….

To all the Nimsoft employees that are working so hard and all the Nimsoft customers that put their trust in us – a big thank you.

We have just finished an amazing week, in an amazing month, in an amazing quarter. We have not only exceeded, but we have smashed just about every record we’ve ever set.

In this last week, 3 brand new MSP customers (2 in North America and 1 in Europe). All tremendous businesses (I had the pleasure of visiting with the CEO of one of them personally last week which was very enjoyable) and great relationships building.

In addition, a brand new health care customer in the US, 2 significant expansions at Energy companies, more business from a large outsourcing company and….an initial piece of business with one of the largest IT/Telecoms providers in the world. Something that will grow and grow.

Plus…what else….had an excellent new account executive agree to come on board on Friday, we’re close to hiring another key member of the sales leadership team (hopefully Monday) and our R&D team just continue to deliver like crazy. They’ve got their open positions full – but we’re still looking for mainly sales and marketing folks.

Oh….and did I mention October 20th? We’re going to be changing the monitoring market forever with a whole series of announcements. We’ve been working really hard on this for a long time and feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive and excited. Can’t wait…..!

Put it in your diary/calendar….

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