Customer Inspiration

As I pondered how to start this blog, inspiration arrived today in the form of an unsolicited email from a customer. The email (pasted below with names removed), talks about the quality of the product and personnel that Nimsoft provides and thanks us for these efforts.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more fulfilling to me personally than to receive this kind of communication. Before I started the company in US several years ago, I had spent many years working for larger, enterprise management software companies where poor customer satisfaction was the norm and shelfware was prevalent. In fact, it is a constant challenge for us to overcome the negative reputation that the “big-four” have created for these types of products.

Because of this, and quite frankly for selfish reasons (happy customers are much more pleasurable to deal with than unhappy ones), we set out to provide customer service that was out of this world. We survey customers every quarter and consistently our customer satisfaction ratings are incredibly high (highest in the business?).

Anyhow, this blog is not intended to be all about Nimsoft and will not be. I am going on vacation this weekend back to Europe (Belgium for golf and then on to Old Blighty to take my 6-year old twins to see their grand-parents).

More soon….email from customer follows – a big THANK YOU to this individual for taking the time to recognize quality.


I would like to express my gratitude to Nimsoft for making an excellent product and having exceptional personnel. As a new employee at xxxxx I was assigned a project to evaluate, recommend and implement a proactive monitoring solution to support our mixed environment. The sales staff I dealt with during this process, xxxxx, xxxxx and xxxxx, were outstanding during the initial evaluation and Proof of Concept, all the way through the implementation. These individuals were able to work very closely with the team here at xxxxx to make sure that the NimBUS product fit exactly with what we needed. That additional work lifted NimSoft well above the competition which included NetIQ AppManager, IBM Tivoli and Microsoft MOM. The responsiveness of these individuals has made a lasting impression on the team here. We look forward to a continued relationship.

Kind Regards,

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