Breaking news….CompTIA acquiring MSP Partners

Interesting news this morning about CompTIA acquiring MSP Partners.

Anything that can strengthen the amount of information and knowledge that is out there to help MSPs is a good thing. CompTIA historically, have probably not done as much as they should have in catering to MSPs, and that lack of an industry association is ultimately what led to MSP Partners being formed to potentially compete with the only MSP association at the time…the MSPAlliance.

Honestly I always had a bit of a concern with MSP Partners as it appeared to be a little “too much marketing” and not enough substance. Particularly as compared to the MSP Alliance which always seemed to be very much about substance and maybe even not enough marketing?

In practice, I think Level Platforms probably did a reasonable job of keeping MSP Partners at arms length from their core business and I congratulate their management team for their vision in this area and also taking the next step in joining MSP Partners with CompTIA.

I believe that associations and trade-shows absolutely can be owned by vendors successfully (RSA?) provided that they are managed and directed by their members.

Nice job everyone….we look forward to working with both CompTIA and with the MSPAlliance in the future.

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