The Nimsoft product development/engineering team

I think my constant excitement about sales is probably a pretty big clue about how Nimsoft’s quarter is going to close. But…one of the reasons that we can be so successful is that we have an AMAZING product and an incredible team developing, testing, maintaining, documenting and supporting that product.

This team has delivered tons of new capabilities of the Nimsoft solution this quarter including new functionality in the following components:

Service Delivery Portal v 2.1

BSM Express v9.1

New or updated probes for Active Directory (log, server, response), CPU, Disk, Memory, High Availability, Log Monitor, Windows Event Log, Windows Perf Mon, Reboot, Directory Scan, Processes, Cisco Unity, Cisco QoS, DNS response, SNMPget, SNMP Trap, LDAP response, JDBC Response, DB2 UDB, SQL Response, ADO, Email gateway, Exchange response, IIS, Sharepoint, VMWare, Tomcat, JVM monitor, Apache, Email Response, URL Response, Tomcat.

Plus new capabilities in our SDKs and our core Alarm Server and our scripting agent.

WOW! I feel sorry for our competitors R&D teams – how do they follow that!!!!

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