More customer feedback – excellence continues

We again had an amazing quarter ending in June. The company hit its aggressive growth targets both in terms of revenue but also new customer wins.

I spent the last couple of days in Europe with the sales team, and thought I’d share a couple of customer emails that were presented by one of the European sales reps as “Why I bought NimBUS” – these are from two Managed Service Providers. I want to point out one thing that both customers mention….which is the SUPPORT and KNOWLEDGE of our technical team. Well done – this is exactly who we strive to be.

First customer…

1 Integrated SLM platform

2 Ease of deployment

3 Mid Market suitability

4 Flexibility & Support of Nimsoft

5 Integration capability with our existing toolset

Second customer…

1 Extremely well informed and able support team (in comparison to N-Able. Kaseya etc) ? who were contactable and responsive

2 Perception that this is a product that allows us to pitch at a higher level (other platforms definitely targeting SME Market)

Means that our ?story? is so much more compelling to larger customers

3 Perception that Nimsoft are actually able and willing to help with installation & Customisation if required ? again driven from feedback that the technical contacts at Nimsoft ?really? understand their product and how it fits.

4 Persistent yet professional Sales/account Management, who took the time to come to site

5 Pricing means that even though nimbus is still more expensive than the previously mentioned vendors, It is within reach at a sensible price.

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