Caught out by Daylight Savings Time again

Aggh. Got up at 6am today just so that I could watch Liverpool vs Man Utd live but realized it started an hour later. Yep….Europe put their clocks back today and the US doesn’t do the same for another week.

Now, I’m not one to whine but…..seriously guys, after all these years, why can we not co-ordinate this? (Although it has got better because I’m sure I remember from my younger years that the UK and the rest of europe were not co-ordinated.)

Can you imagine it….a representative from each country sitting in a big room trying to argue the date that the clocks change. After hours and hours of arguing they cannot reach agreement and so the Europeans go with their date and the Americans go with a date a week later.

Funny how we cannot solve tiny little things (probably because nobody in the world cares apart from me, sitting here waiting for the game to start).

PS I read that Beach Balls are banned from Anfield this afternoon after their “beach gift set” sold out to Utd fans who I’m sure were going to have some fun….

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