Nice article from The451 on Nimsoft…"It's fair to say that it's a bit ahead of that pack…"

Nimsoft is putting a pretty significant stake in the ground for cloud management in this release. It’s so far the most comprehensive offering we’ve come across for monitoring public and private cloud environments. While the true market for this technology has not really arrived yet (beyond managing virtual servers in context of physical servers, which many vendors support), Nimsoft figures to be well positioned for when it does. In the meantime, the company appears to be back on a strong growth trajectory and continues to aggressively court, and win, new business from service providers. Nimsoft continues to burnish its credentials as a Big Four alternative.

Nimsoft continues to position itself as an alternative to the Big Four IT management framework vendors: BMC, CA Inc, HP and IBM. It’s fair to say that it’s a bit ahead of that pack with this announcement, especially when it comes to monitoring public cloud and SaaS environments, as well as internal virtualized server environments.

Full report can be accessed here451 -Nimsoft – Market Development – 27 October 2009

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