Crazy and amazing things

For anyone that is interested….the minute we left England it started raining. I’ll be going back over soon so hopefully I’ll take some California sunshine with me again.

What’s been happening in my worlds? So much that I lose track.

First, I’m exicted that Nimsoft that has just been announced by Inc. magazine as the 49th fastest growing software company in the US. Very proud of this achievement for the incredible team that we have but….I think everyone will be amazed at what will happen over the next few years.

Second, we continue to get great customer traction. Many new customers signed up in the last couple of months and we are about to start the “last month of the quarter” when the action really heats up (and my home life really suffers). Big name companies as well as medium businesses – everyone loves Nimsoft.

Third, it was my kids birthday a couple of weeks ago (Roller Blades and Wii games in case you wanted to know) and they start back at school next week (2nd grade – time flies).

Fourth, having work done on my house right now – looks good but getting fed up with contractors everywhere.

And finally, we are moving close to launching some major new initiatives for the company around areas that are going to pretty key for future IT infrastructures. Very exciting, lots of work for everyone around here but customers are going to really enjoy what we are doing.

More soon…

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