The Rumor Mill – Are BMC issuing end of life on Patrol?

So….I heard that BMC were issuing End of Life on PATROL…..moving to an ITMasters plus Proactivenet solution. Is it true? Would love to find out.

If true, I will shed a tear for PATROL (it was one of the originals), but will probably put together a program to enable customers to migrate to the leading solution rather than migrating to another hybrid of mish-mash technology.

If not true, oh well….we won’t be able to do our migration program (or maybe we should do it anyhow?) Still, we have plenty of customers moving to Nimsoft already from BMC (like that large Homeland Security Agency just recently).

But it is so retro…..remember this….love it! Brings back memories….

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  1. Dave Wagner says:

    Ah, that logo… brings back the memories, doesn’t it Gary?

    Good old ASA – the marriage of PATROL (classic), BEST/1, and CommandPost (all 3 acquired technologies)… Interesting to note that of ALL of those lines, the only stuff that fully remains today at BMC is the BEST/1 line (after being re-branded first: PATROL – Perform/Predict, then Enterprise Performance Assurance, then BMC Performance Assurance, and then finally now: BMC Capacity Management) – which kinda speaks to your blog posting about what happens if companies spend too much money on PR or Branding folks – LOL

    On that note: I just gave my “what about Bob” hat to my father in law, whose name is Bob… Project “Bob” – the launch of “PATROL 2000″ – the integration of everything, etc… Code named “Bob” out of deference to Bob’s having promoted from Sr VP of RD to President at that same time…

    That logo does indeed bring a wry smile to my lips!

    Just found your blog, like it a lot…

    More, perhaps, later… we should catch up sometime!

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