Cloud is over-hyped right?

Cloud is not over-hyped, but instead, it is misunderstood (mainly due to vendors jumping on the bandwagon).

Cloud is as big and as important a transition in computing as was the mainframe to c/s transition.

New companies will emerge (who would have though an on-line book seller would be leading the charge?), other companies will lose (Sun?…they put the dot in the dot com but not the droplets in the cloud). Market share will be gained and lost very quickly.

There is a huge amount going on in Cloud….much of it internal cloud infrastructures but also people making use of external and public cloud.

For the “management” providers….this is not a good time to be stuck with monolithic, inflexible old products. Watch for IBM, CA, BMC, HP….they need to make BIG moves or they will be left with legacy businesses – analysts are already talking that way. Some will get it and some won’t (I have no insights but I do know how difficult that transition is).

But, what about new management players….Cisco? VMWare? Hey…maybe even Amazon or Google or Salesforce?

And where is Nimsoft? Right in the center of the action – or maybe even at the head of the parade. Due to an unbelievably flexible architecture, the ability to move quickly and the fact that we’ve been working with Cloud/Hosting/Managed Service Providers for multiple years we are way ahead of the traditional players.

My prediction… 3 years time, when people talk about the BIG X in management – Nimsoft will be in every conversation – it’s already getting that way.

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