Board meeting, BMC and Salesforce, a new Service Provider customer and more

Another week over. Been very busy again.

Board meeting this week – we extended it over 2 days (afternoon and morning) because we had a lot to talk about. I believe that our board members left the building smiling and excited (now we’ve just got to deliver).

Additional biz dev guy accepted our offer this week – will be with us in a couple of weeks and also an additional inside sales guy. Hiring continues to be a major focus for us. Positions open in almost every major area….

Noticed BMC and Salesforce agreement on Service Desk Express (the old Magic product). Seems pretty cool for them – although, while validating that SAAS is a good delivery model for service desk, why Magic and not Remedy!! Wish this was Remedy that they were making a SAAS offering – then it would be much more exciting (coming next I wonder?). Either way, looks great.

We signed another new Service Provider customer this week. I had the pleasure of speaking with the COO of the business and he spent a good part of our discussion complimenting me on the quality of the team that he had interacted with. This is huge for me – makes me so happy when customers tell us about their quality Nimsoft experience.

And finally….we’ve heard that multiple companies are now targeting Nimsoft in their hiring and their marketing. “We’re the alternative to Nimsoft” is a phrase that customers are hearing from different start-ups, and we are being targeted by them for hiring.

Does that mean that we’ve arrived?

And finally, I’m sick. Picked up a horrible cold this week and I’m on a plane to Europe later today – ugh.

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