Trick or treat is over….

Took the kiddies trick or treating this week (Cryptmaster and Pirate) although I didn’t personally dress up. My girlfriend suggested that we should be Posh and Becks (she’s obsessed with London)…..but then again, in the recent company sales event they portayed me as Darth Vader. Not sure which one is closer to the real me.

From a business perspective, we announced our Q3 results this week which are simply incredible and Q4 has started really well also with multiple new customers coming on board. (I’m so glad we’re not publicly traded otherwise I couldn’t say those things).

We are in the midst of announcing the new version of the NimBUS server, which has taken scalability to a new level. I don’t think there is a single environment in the world that we cannot scale to now. Also added tons more stuff in there – advanced correlation, auto-discovery, auto-configuration and also the first version of our brand new, state of the art, gorgeous and sexy user interface. More later on this one (geez the marketing team is already going to moan at me later today for letting the cat out of the bag).

As an aside, it really makes me laugh seeing some of the “pretenders” in our space that have taken Open Source projects and packaged them up and think that they can deliver an enterprise class solution. Oh well, we’ll just wait and see – someone needs to explain to them the concept of “you don’t know what you don’t know” – the wall is there guys, you just won’t be able to see it until you hit it.

I’m very excited that we are having our North American User Conference next week – I heard that we are having to book surrounding hotels as the registration has been far higher than expected. We’ve got some good keynote speakers including someone talking about GreenIT – seems to be finding its way up the CIO agenda these days. Nothing I enjoy more than spending time with our customers so it’s an exicting week for me next week.

I want to talk about so much more right now, the EMC acquisition of Voyence, the Bladelogic IPO, the BMC acquisition of Emprisa Networks…..

The fight is well and truly on between the big four. It’s really interesting to watch as these guys continue to acquire to build out their portfolios….they are all trying to capture the big, big contracts from customers to be the “soup to nuts” providers. Meanwhile, customers continue to walk away from them in droves because, as a leading analyst mentioned to me this week, “the difference between the marketing message and the product capabilities of the big four is so large that it could be referred to as the Grand Canyon”.

What will EMC do I wonder? If they are serious then they need to buy their way in….BMC, Bladelogic?

Oracle are remarkably quiet right now…..and we all know that they are not standing still so I’m sure we’ll see news from our friends across the lagoon some time soon.

And what about Microsoft….but then again, they probably need everything that they’ve got to go to battle with Google.

Anyhow, all this is good news for Nimsoft – we continue to focus on what our customers tell us that they need – solutions that deliver value and do it with the minimum of fuss. Our customer satisfaction continues to be unparalleled because quite simply, we do what we say we will do.

Would love to hear from customers on what they think future issues will be – you can always email me directly on

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