We live in interesting times….

Anyone remember a few years ago….everyone thought performance and availability monitoring was boring. “The big-4 have it wrapped up” was a common quote, “isn’t that a commodity?” was another and Gartner published a report stating that there was no innovation in the space any more because the big guys had bought all the smaller, innovative companies.

But…what a difference a few years makes. Service delivery, measuring and reporting on Service Level Agreements, the ability to measure the performance of your internal and external providers, has become top of mind.

I spoke to a leading analyst last week who told me, “3 years ago I covered both this space and security. I spent 90% of my time on security because nothing was happening with monitoring. But recently, I had to hand security to a colleague because there is too much to cover in monitoring right now”.

And, it will increase. The era of “on-demand” computing only works if the computing works. IT as a utility can only become mainstream if it is always on and performing well. Cloud changes everything.

I’ve mentioned this before but, there will be a new era of winners in the management space. We’re already seeing tomorrow’s leaders emerge……SolarWinds for the lower-end, smaller environments, Service-Now for ITIL/Service Desk, Nimsoft for Service Delivery and of course others. How about Splunk?

I guarantee that in the next 12 months there will be big moves made. I don’t know what they are but they will happen. Maybe one of the larger companies will OEM a solution from one of the newer wave of companies? Maybe someone will spend a fortune to acquire SolarWinds and that massive customer base? What will Cisco and VMWare do?

All I know for certain is that I love this space and I’m glad that Nimsoft has played its part by putting the innovation back into performance and availability monitoring.

Can’t wait for 2010 but….we’ve got a year to close before then and multiple new deals to win!

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