Nimsoft customer 1&1 unveils cloud server

As published by Tier1 today….

Hosters continue to launch cloud infrastructure offerings. While the managed and dedicated hosters have been the most active in this space, mass-market hosters focused on shared hosting are moving into this game as well. A name synonymous with shared hosting, 1&1, is the latest, launching a dynamic cloud server.

Not all the details are available right now (we have put in a request) but dynamic cloud server looks to be a virtualized server, running on both Linux and Windows, that customers can build themselves with a sliding rule. This sliding rule allows customers to choose how many CPU cores, hard disk space and memory their virtual server will need. The price is scaled accordingly. The server is elastic, allowing customers to adjust it up and down as required. The Parallels Plesk Panel is pre-installed. This is not meant to be a seamlessly scalable cloud infrastructure like Cloud Sites or GoDaddy’s beta grid hosting platform (though it is still not clear what this cloud is going to look like).


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