Another day, another Cloud announcement

Monday we saw CA acquire SLM provider Oblicore. Looks like CA is starting to make moves around managing Cloud?

Tuesday we saw VMWare acquire Zimbra, looks like VMWare are going up the stack in the services that it can provide to its customers.

Wednesday we saw HP and Microsoft form an alliance around Cloud. Now, did I read something wrong or did the announcement state that HP would be bundling MS Systems Center on to their servers? I think I read that and if I did, it’s the clearest indication yet that selling management software is a much lower priority to HP than selling more hardware (but then we already knew that right?)

Thursday will see Nimsoft announce it’s sales kickoff meeting…..only kidding but yes, sales kickoff starts in exactly 4 hours from now. Our theme this year is “Welcome to Tomorrow”. The summary slide of my opening presentation says:

“It’s a special time, we are at a special company, maximizing that opportunity is down to us”

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