BMC announces Remedy as SaaS offering…IBM announce Tivoli Live

Given that this is not available until Q2 2010, why would BMC announce this today?

Pretty obvious to me…..they are getting their lunch eaten by certain other players in this space and they need to get some marketing spin out there to stop the rot.

But…just like with IBM’s strange announcement of Tivoli Live, you have to question whether these vendors really get it or whether this is just jumping on the band-wagon.

The beauty of SaaS is….simple to use products, very low services, subscription based pricing but scalable to the largest Enterprise.

Tivoli tell us there is a maximum of 500 managed nodes on their Tivoli Live offering, an upfront installation fee and….the head of Tivoli said that customers can be “up and running in 7 days” (Nimsoft customers are wondering what takes IBM so long). Of course they limit it to 500 nodes, because they are scared of cannibalizing all that services revenue from the real Tivoli.

Face it guys, you cannot take overly bloated products that have been designed to drive huge amounts of services revenue for you over the years, make them hosted and suddenly claim SaaS – it just doesn’t work that way.

My prediction – just like IT Director, Tivoli Director, Tivoli Express….this will have zero impact.

For Remedy as SaaS….zero impact.

It’s just marketing.

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