Welcome to tomorrow…

When Nimsoft came together in 2004, I had big visions for the company. I wanted to establish the company’s technology as the standard for management of mid-market enterprises and service providers. I wanted to offer a customer experience that was second to none and to be known as the company that revolutionized the IT management space. I wanted us to innovate, to do things that nobody else had done before, to be willing to take risks…make mistakes. The next 6 years were about execution. Like any fast growing start-up there have been many challenges along the way, but we’ve always stayed true to our vision.

In the last couple of years, as cloud computing has become the architecture of tomorrow, Nimsoft has continued to innovate and now finds itself in an enviable position of pioneering new management platforms to deal with the new methods of delivering IT services. Cloud is driving disruptive change to many areas of IT and will drive disruptive change to IT management. Nimsoft will be helping drive the change, not being dragged along by it.

But, Nimsoft had a challenge to achieving our vision. The market is moving so fast and changing so rapidly, that I was concerned that Nimsoft could not, by itself, keep up. We were already hiring additional sales people and engineers as fast as we could, but there is a natural limit to how rapidly you can scale a business without breaking those things that are important to us, customer satisfaction being the top of the list.

When CA first suggested a conversation, I admit I had a brief moment of hesitation, but I quickly realized that this could be the perfect partner for Nimsoft and our customers. CA is making a commitment from the highest level of the organization to be the leader in cloud management. They recognize the importance of Service Providers and Emerging Enterprises to this new world, and they are an important focus of CA’s growth strategy. They made it clear that they want us to innovate and pioneer and add resources to accelerate those efforts.

This acquisition is transformative. I believe that the bringing together of these two companies is an event that will redefine IT management for many years to come. I am both proud and humbled by what we have achieved but most of all thankful to our employees and customers that have brought us to this place. I could not be more excited about the future and playing my small part in it.

Welcome to tomorrow…..

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