The Big-4 Alternative

Great that so many competitors are posting on the blog; unfortunately some are hiding behind their anonymity while pretending to be Nimsoft customers.

It seems that multiple people are trying to understand how, for many years Nimsoft claimed to be The Big-4 Alternative and now we are on the verge of being owned by CA.

That’s the whole point. Don’t we all see that CA are being forward thinking enough to be saying the same thing. They are saying that “there is a type of customer that wants and needs a different type of monitoring solution than we have provided in the past.”

Nimsoft will exist in the cloud business line at CA. Our roadmap is intact, in fact will be further added to and accelerated. Our sales and technical teams are intact and motivated like never before (just on my way back from the UK where our team is buzzing). Our commitment to unparalleled customer satisfaction has not and will not change.

CA have recognized that there are different sets of needs for different types of customers, and that Nimsoft is much more appropriate for emerging enterprises and service providers than some of the traditional products.

This is a huge testament to the vision of the executives at CA. It’s never easy being visionary and there are always many nay-sayers along the way, but this is a huge move that will redefine IT management.

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