Why are you here?

Yesterday, I flew on the red-eye to the East Coast, got changed in the bathrooms at the airport and then got into a long taxi ride, all to visit with one prospective customer. The customer opened the meeting by asking us “Why have you flown all the way here to see me?”

It was actually the first time I had been asked that question in such a direct manner but to me, the answer was obvious…..because we want to win your business and we are committed to our customers. Doesn’t everyone do that? And then it became clear….no, everyone does not do that. No, the CEO of most companies would not do that and no, most companies do not have the commitment to customer success that Nimsoft has.

The rest of the meeting went very well and now we have to prove to this company that we can do what we say we can do. Meanwhile, my journey home was an absolute nightmare travel-wise (oh how I wish for simpler air travel) but I was happy knowing that my time was very well spent.

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