Our first week as part of CA has been….

….business as usual.

The development team are working like crazy to get their Q1 deliverables out (can you believe that our engineering leader told me the other day that it looks like they are going to hit 100% of their targets…clearly he hasn’t learned the art of managing my expectations….or maybe he just realizes that my expectations are always 100% anyhow).

The sales team are flying everywhere to finalize their quarter, I believe one of our reps ended up sleeping in an airport last night after getting snowed in – that’s commitment for you.

The marketing team are scrambling to put the final touches to the Nfluence user conference for April….and we’re getting involved in CA World in May which should be fun.

And many parts of the company are involved in planning for our major product launch in mid-April – lots of new support capabilities being rolled out as well.

As for me, I’ve got so much stuff spinning in my head about the endless possibilities that I think it’s going to explode. But, I’m going to take some vacation soon!

And, in case anyone cares, yes I am going to go to the Man Utd vs Chelsea match. It’s funny that Arsenal fans (Sean) think they are still in it; sort of like Liverpool last season. But actually, hats off to them, they are having a tremendous season.

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